Rosental Valley


46.523540571578, 14.168148563533


Rosental Valley


46.523540571578, 14.168148563533

General information


The Rosental Valley stands above all for relaxed paddling over reservoirs. The Drava River is the only body of water where longer SUP tours are possible, as the valley's bathing lakes are not large enough. Even river rookies will find optimal conditions for SUPing in the Rosental Valley, because if you are not on one of the reservoirs, you are on flatwater. The reservoirs from west to east are: Feistritz Reservoir, Ferlach Reservoir, Stausee Annabrücke and Völkermarkter Stausee.


The omnipresent Drava River offers many reservoirs with opportunities for a refreshing dip. The region is far away from mass tourism and has a number of lesser-known and partly artificial bathing lakes south of the Drava:

  • St. Johann bathing lake
  • Bathing lake in Weizelsdorf
  • Bathing pond Strau
  • Ferlach Bathing Lake
  • Freibach reservoir

Worth seeing

Built before 1600, the Kraigher Haus houses a gallery which, among other things, points to its different functions over the centuries. The house was, among other things, an inn, a tobacconist, a grocery and, since 1870, a post office. Everyone can pay a visit to this historic house free of charge.

The 1000 years old Ebenau Castle (Schloss Ebenau) became an art gallery in 1996, and can be visited on weekends ever since.

Built around 1100, Schloss Hollenburg overlooks the reservoirs Ferlacher Stausee and Völkermarkter Stausee. In summer art exhibitions are held here and the castle courtyard is accessible.

The Gunsmith & Hunting Museum is located in Palace Schloss Ferlach. Here the history of hunting and the craft of the gunsmith are explained. The castle can also be rented for events.  

The CARNICA Bee Museum visitors are informed about the importance of bees for our environment and both the historical development of beekeeping and its benefits are explained. You can then stock up on a variety of bee products in the museum shop.

The Hands on science center EXPI offers around 60 different experimental stations. Various physical phenomena can be observed and experiments can also be carried out. 

Extra Tips

In the region around Feistritz/Rosental alone there are more than thirty signposted hiking trails. The Karavanks in the south of the Drave offer hikers and bikers an Eldorado of opportunities. In general, there are a lot of great mountain climbing and hiking trails, some of which reach as far as Slovenia.

Mountaineers will love the Tscheppaschlucht Gorge with its unique flair. You can experience a true adventure in nature over well-secured bridges, paths and ladders. 

Located in the Tscheppaschlucht Gorge there is also the largest forest rope park in Carinthia. Here you will find eight different courses with different degrees of difficulty to master.

Soccer and golf can be combined at Kick2gether, forming a new sport called soccer-golf. This means competition and fun for young and old on 18 lanes. Kick billiards and a children's playground complete the portfolio of exiting activities. Open from April to the end of October from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. when the weather is good.

The animal park, the castle and the labyrinth in Rosegg are among the most popular attractions in the region. The animal park is the largest in the federal state, the castle is also popular as an event location and the garden labyrinth includes over 3000 hornbeams.

The 510 kilometer long Drave Cycle Path shows the diverse natural landscapes and cities along the Drave. Divided into seven stages, it runs along the Drave and therefore also through the Rosental Valley. 

Overnight Stay

EuroParcs Rosental
Feriendorf 1, 9181 Feistritz im Rosental
Phone +43 (0)4228 37733

Camping Juritsch
Unterfeistritzerstrasse 41, 9181 Feistritz im Rosental
Phone +43 (0)4228 2115

Pension reservoir
Feistritz 17, 9184 St. Jakob im Rosental
Phone +43 (0)4253 8594

Gästehaus Tischler
Kirschentheuer 10, 9170 Ferlach
Phone +43 (0)650 2318858

Gasthaus Stefaner
Suetschach 33, 9181 Feistritz im Rosental
Phone +43 (0)4228 2135

Gasthof Plasch
Reßnig 17, 9170 Ferlach
Phone +43 (0)4227 23700

Gasthof Hotel Zur Post
Unterbergen 3, 9163 Ferlach
Phone +43 (0)4227 20780


Panorama restaurant in the EuroParcs Rosental
Feriendorf 1, 9181 Feistritz im Rosental
Phone +43 (0)4228 37733

The nine inns of the so-called Rosentaler Reigen spoil their guests all year round with specialties from the honey kitchen, homemade pasta variations and products from their own production.

St. Jakob im Rosental 59, 9184 St. Jakob
Phone +43 (0)4253 8888

Schaidaweg 4, Ferlach 9170
Phone +43 (0)4227 2698

Gasthof Renko-Stiegler
Hauptpl. 3, 9170 Ferlach
Phone +43 (0)4227 2002

Gasthof Sereinig
Bodental 40, 9163 Ferlach
Phone +43 (0)4227 6300

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